10 Books Every High Value Man MUST Read…

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Hey Brother! 

Here is my must read book list for a High Value Man…

This is a man that KNOWS his worth and ATTRACTS TO HIM what he wants with women, work and the world.

I have them in order… you certainly don’t have to read them in order but I suggest doing so because the information from each book will guide you through a journey.

This is a marathon — not sprint.

To be the man you are meant to be will take a lifetime… are you up for it? 

Books 1-3 Expose the problem…

Books 4-6 Show a solution…

Books 7-10 Get practical and tactical…

Here they are. 

  1. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 — Travis Bradbury — This book comes with a quiz that will measure your EQ… take it. Emotional Intelligence is essential to a mans value, understanding social settings and navigating with woman and the world.
  2. No More Mr. Nice Guy – Dr. Robert Glover — The “Nice Guy Syndrome” will resonate if PAM resonates with you. I would suggest you get a hard copy and keep it handy on your journey.
  3. Wild at Heart & Fathered by God — John Eldridge — Two books here. Both great reads. There is a reason you feel the way you feel, there is a restlessness to a mans heart and he must have three things to truly feel fulfilled. A beauty to rescue, a battle to fight and an adventure to have. It is essential you understand this as you continue to cultivate your journey. His second book does a great job describing the phases of masculinity from a biblical perspective. While I don’t want to preach a religious philosophy to you I do understand the value of metaphor and the archetype of the perfect father… it’s important you do to. Read it with an open mind.
  4. Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor Frankl — This book of enduring and triumph will put your life in perspective. We are in control of all the meaning in the world — know this and you will live as a free man.
  5. The Way of The Superior Man – David Deida — This is one of my favorite books. It covers the topics of spirituality, sex, purpose and passion beautifully. I don’t suggest starting with this book until you have some sense of what “masculinity” means to you.
  6. The Body Keeps the Score — Bessel Van Der Kolk — Lets be honest, you’re fucked up. So am I. Something happened when you were young, either neglect or abuse, and the trauma lives in the body. The body keeps the score as in muscle memory and when a familiar situation arises we react in a familiar way. It’s your job to un-fuck yourself, this will help introduce you to some tools.
  7. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself – Dr. Joe Dispenza — If you learned how to be how you are now, couldn’t you learn how to be someone new? Once you identify the wounds, the trauma and what are the issues it’s time to start rewriting the program. It is a dense book but very practical and useful mechanics including meditation to build the best you.
  8. Mastery – Robert Greene — Your life and your ultimate purpose as a man is made up entirely of your unique gifts and experience. You have something to share with the world — other men have done it, so can you. This is a powerful book to help you take an intentional approach to mentorship and mastery and will guide you well.
  9. Man Up – Bedros Keuilian — One of my mentors and fellow Project Instructor shares his leadership lessons and what “manning up” meant to him in business and life. It is an essential business and leadership book

How will You Measure Your Life — Clayton M. Christensen — The title says it all and it is a question that your masculinity should be measured against daily.

Have you read any of these?

Let me know.


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