No Dude Wants To Be Called PAM… Especially From His Girlfriend.

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But I gave mine permission to call me out whenever PAM shows up.

PAM is the Passive Aggressive Man…

Passive with woman, work and the world of man keeping him from the things he really wants and Aggressively distracting by any means possible.

The “Mr. Nice Guy” that does everything for everyone else and never gets his needs met, he’s frustrated with Woman, his Work and the World of Men.

He’s the people pleasing passive man that avoids conflict, confrontation and is highly critical of others.

He’s the guy that spend more time observing, watching and judging other men enjoy great lives than actually getting in the game.

He’s a genuinely nice guy, a good man at heart… but he’s hiding.

He’s afraid of people not liking him, what others may think and ultimately he’s he’s just not sure how to actually be a man with woman, in work and around the world of men.

Sadly, cock and balls don’t constitute masculinity — plenty of Man-Children running around passive with life and aggressive with vices, negative self talk or some other means of destructive self sabotage.

So, when PAM shows up in the relationship I’ve given my woman permission to call me out…

Nothing stings more than a certified 10 poking at your most tender insecurity.

But, the truth of the matter is I’d rather know it quickly then continue living as a shell of who I really am.

It’s taken 10 years to get to this point — the point where I am confident and aware of it enough to invite a beautiful woman into my most vulnerable place.

10 years cultivating the values that have turned PAM into a High Value Man.

A man on path, on purpose and living with passion.

A man that I am PROUD to say has the woman of his dreams, the work that I love and the respect and authority from the world of men.

I’ve earned my place at the table (and continue to do daily) and its a damn good feeling.

No fucking way I’d let PAM destroy this now, I’ve worked too hard to be here — and I spent too long WISHING for this life.

But, the truth is the ONLY WAY I stay sober and don’t relapse into PAM behaviors…

drinking, drugging, distracting, pornography, blaming, criticizing, judging, lying and hiding…

Is by helping other PAM’s become High Value Men.

Men that KNOW their WORTH and don’t WASTE TIME trying to “figure out woman”, they don’t waste time doing work they hate and they don’t waste time avoiding the brotherhood and growth that ONLY HAPPENS in the world of man.

By the way my name is Erin Alejandrino… I’m a former PAM, now a High Value Man and for the last 10 years I’ve been coaching Men through the symptoms of PAM and I’m about ready to start something very new and I’d like to invite you.

Do me a favor and reply to this email and tell me a little bit more about you, what you want if we were to work together and WHY thats important to you… Keep it brief, 150 words or so.

Talk soon,

Erin “High Value Man” Alejandrino

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