Asset or Liability?

what will you leave behind?

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If you don’t pay for your health now your family will pay for your health later.

I’ve had a conversations recently with a a client who’s parents are suffering from some debilitating health related issues.

Old age and a lifetime of neglect when it comes to health and nutrition their parents have become unable to care for themselves.

My client has been weighing options of uprooting his family and moving across the country to be closer to his parents and we were talking through some of the logistics and feelings that were coming up.

He feels a strong obligation to care for them and anger towards his dad for not taking responsibility for his own health despite decades or warnings from the doctors.

He expressed his frustration in a statement that really hit home for me..

“Why should I have to pay for his mistakes?”

As a man we will always be one of two thing.

An Asset.

A Liability.

An asset increases in value over time.

A Liability decreases in value over time.

Assets appreciate through compounding growth.

Liabilities depreciate through compounding debt.

At some point we’re all going to leave others behind a family, a wife, children or a business.

And they will either be better off or forced to clean up a mess.

The decisions you are making now as it relates to your physical health and fitness will make you an asset or liability.

Beyond that we also need to look at our other domains.

  • Faith

  • Family

  • Finances

Each of these will also leave something behind — an asset that improves the Legacy or a debt that has to be cleaned up by someone else.

A High Value Man doesn’t bury his head in the sand wishing and hoping (or abnegating leadership) he takes decisive committed action towards a clear vision.

Before you get to where you want to go, you first need a clear picture of where you are now.

Assess your weaknesses and start to create a plan to develop your strengths.

I call this closing THE GAP.

Think of tow GPS points.

Point A: Where you are now.

Point B: Where you want to go.

I created a new tool called the GAP MAP that has 25 questions to help you gain insight and clarity on your Four F’s.

The survey will take you about 7 minutes to start and give you a customized printout of the area that most needs your attention.

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