On Being a Man

On Responsibility

If its broken, fix it.
If its missing, find it.
If its needed, make it.

That’s why you’re here.

On Faith

You can’t pray your way out of what your bad habits built.
God is not a stimulus check.

Don’t look vertically for what you’ve been called to do horizontally.

On Reality

You are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Your current reality is a product of what you’ve tolerated, accepted and condoned.

If you want more, become intolerable of anything less than your best.

Stop making excuses.
Stop lying to yourself.

On Entitlement

You are entitled to nothing.
Everything is your fault.
Nobody said it would be easy.

You don’t have what you want because you don’t deserve it, haven’t earned or aren’t ready for it. 

So get back to work. 

On Growing Up

Speak to yourself the way your father should have.
Love yourself the way your mother should have.

Now move on.

Build the man that’s needed now.

Past a certain age you are 100% responsible for unfucking your own life.

Nobody is coming to save you.

On Should

You should compare yourself to others.
Somebody with far less — is doing far more.

You should care what other people think.
The opinion held by your partner, kids, employees, community and clients matter as a man.

You should feel guilt.
If you are not where you want to be, doing what you’re called to do and serving others with your gifts — you should feel guilty because it’s your fault.

On Action

Procrastination and over-complication are other forms of masturbation, all you’re doing is fucking yourself.

Do it now.
Keep it simple.
Delay gratification.

On Feelings

Do what you must. 
Not what you feel.

Feelings are signals, let them pass.
Seek neutrality.

Happiness is not the goal.
Purpose is.

What you don’t feel like doing is normally what you should do.

On Direction

Choose the direction that will facilitate the most growth.

Start now.
The vision gains clarity after the first step.

When faced with two paths, choose the unpaved one that’s pointed uphill.

It should suck and it should be hard — it won’t get easier, but you will become stronger.

Keep. Moving. Forward.

On Love

Fall in love with the process not the outcome.

You can only receive love to the capacity that you can give it.

Love is not what you think.
Love is not what you feel.
Love is what you do.

On Purpose

Your purpose is not lost, you are.

On Finding Yourself



Take massive ACTION

Choose the hard DIRECTION.

Honor your FEELINGS but ignore them.

Have FAITH and fall in LOVE with the process.

It’s 100% your RESPONSIBILITY to make a difference.

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